Leadership in Health & Safety (LiHS)

is a world class cultural change programme

developed internally by Saipem, to shape and

maintain a strong health and safety culture.

Following 15 years of continuous implementation the LiHS methodology is used today by many companies, supporting their own organisations transformation in terms of health and safety culture. LiHS is based on the belief that leadership, above anything else, has the power to influence an individual’s behaviours and therefore, collectively increasing safety performance. The programme builds engagement through an integrated approach, incorporating both top-down and bottom-up initiatives. This multiplies and empowers formal and informal safety leaders, generating a powerful community of safety champions. In 2010 Saipem created the LHS Foundation with the aim to share its valuable know-how, with a mission to spread the fundamental values of health, safety and wellbeing in both industry and society. The LHS Foundation focuses on the use of non-conventional ways to communicate those values at a deeper level, in order to internalise health and safety and touch hearts and minds of our communities.