03 Giugno


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Wuxi, Jiangsu, Cina


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Crystal Hong


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It consists in different games/activities:
1. The first day it will be a speech on the canteen and meanwhile they will turn off the electrical power and so check the save of electrical energy. Startup the safety flat each department & each line;
2. Safety commitment by suppliers;
3. Safety in Our Hands - Since the TOP 1 injuries is hands and finger injured in 2018 (Accident & FA).
- Game 1: Your hands is your partner! Fixed fingers and to pick up some parts, tie shoelaces or buttons.
- Game 2: Eat something without hands
- Game 3: Guess words without hands show;
4. Let’s Spot It - Show pictures at workplace and look for the risk. Report the risk and suggest the countermeasures;
5. Virtual Reality Experience - Bus escape VR, Fire escape VR.