The LHS Foundation – Leadership in Health and Safety – is a nonprofit organization formed in 2010 to develop research activities, training programs and information campaigns in the field of health and safety, maintaining a focus on four key points: Culture , Behaviour , Leadership and Change .

Inspired by values ​​such as the centrality of human life, the protection of people’s welfare, a passion for research and innovation, the Foundation aims to radically change the concepts of health and safety by spreading an innovative method capable of significantly affecting people’s culture .


An Innovative Method to Promote Health and Safety

The Foundation promotes the ” Leadership in Health and Safety ” methodology, an innovative program of cultural change , launched in Saipem, developed and successfully implemented since 2007.

The strategies and tools used are designed to influence the hearts and minds of people, giving them the motivation and the tools to become a safety leader , every day and in every area of their lives.

The LHS Foundation aspires to become a global centre of knowledge and information, contributing to the growth of a culture of health and safety which, starting in the workplace, can be extended to the social area.

For this purpose, the Foundation has developed practical tools to render the workers of all levels more responsible in the matter of their own health and safety, as well as that of any persons affected by their activities, thus creating real safety leaders .


Each of us has the potential to become
a security leader.

To achieve this goal, the LHS Foundation utilizes a team of professionals (psychologists, educators and communication experts) able to communicate in an engaging manner and foster a culture based on prevention in every person and in every context of life: from managers to workers, teachers, young people, from home, on the road, at the job site.

The LHS Foundation offers a cutting-edge path of cultural change , consisting ​​of training , communication campaigns and cultural initiatives that stimulate the direct participation of the people and lead to the construction of a new way of experiencing health and safety.

The proposed activities are designed to elicit a strong emotional impact , appealing to persons’ conscience and inviting them to question common beliefs and ingrained habits, preparing people to embrace change. Emotional involvement , interactivity and practical instruments are the building blocks of this formula, able to leave a deep mark in individuals and lead to real, measurable results.  A final, critical component must be added to all of the above-mentioned: leadership.

In order for a new approach to health and safety to become engrained in the cultural consciousness, change must start from the top, that is, from the people who are in a position to inspire respect and emulation. Hence the decision to involve first the managers, who are required to embrace these new values, and ensure that they disseminate in cascade to all workers.

Why don’t fatal accidents stop?
Behaviour does not change with a document or imposing a procedure.
Behaviour represents the way in which a person works, every minute, every day, in every place, that becomes habitual.
Changing the culture , “the way we do things in our country”, means changing the perspective and attitude with which each faces the tasks of every day, and this affects all, managers, operational personnel and workers.

If you think you can influence others’ cultural change, you have first of all change yourself and confirm it every day with clear actions! This desire must grow inside you, you have to transform it into passion, you have to nurture it and promote it without limits and fears. If you feel these vibrations, your words and your very being will make this possible!

Sabatino De Sanctis


Goal: to promote a growth oriented towards having zero accidents
and trigger virtuous behaviour patterns in terms of safety.

Educational Events

Workshops and training activities aimed at companies that want to undertake a cultural change program devoted to a greater focus on health and safety and to suit specific needs.

Educational Activities

Educational workshops targeted to primary school students, created in the belief that a profound cultural change must look to the future and invest in the training of younger minds.

Communication Campaigns

Creation of safety culture campaigns, modern and innovative based on unconventional language ​​and tools.

Shows and Cultural Events

Initiatives of high value and high emotional impact, aimed at promoting a health and safety culture in society.

Research and Science

Collaborations with some of the major Italian universities to enrich, enhance and disseminate a health and safety culture, so that the results and research findings can become further ingrained in the general culture.


Establishment of a network of key contacts with associations, institutions and media outlets in order to give greater visibility to the Foundation’s activities and to develop joint projects.