Freely adapted from “The Book that Saves Your Life” (which is 50% a guide and the remaining half a mixture of immersive and exciting testimony-text), “IL VIRUS – ctslvita” (The Virus that Saves your Life) is a play that – by mixing words, movement, music and videos – offers, a rich gallery of insights on Health and Safety in a palette of emotion and irony. The show – just like a book – is divided into chapters and is structured into two distinct phases: a first part a more properly “theatrical” part, with situations, characters and videos that show the absurdity of our behavioral clichés at work, on the road and in everyday life; the limits, inertia and apathy in front of the typical change of the Western Way of Life. A second part- one that adheres to the “letter” of the reference book – in which, by breaking the fourth wall, the audience is asked to participate to the action on stage through questions and incitements aimed at inducing a change in the way to see and do the most simple things, every day. Because sometimes we ourselves endanger our health and our safety without even realizing it. Too many commitments, too little time,  and a lot of distractions prevent us from taking care of ourselves and of others at home, at work, at school, at the wheel. The show is structured as a useful tool that enables immediate change. Because it really is time to forsake the culture in which we are immersed, an obsolete culture that leads to death, and that only in our country continues to produce three deaths at work every day.