LHS Workshop

Efficient instruments and methods to develop the safety leader, increase the behavioural and cultural change and maintain the focus on it

The workshop on leadership in safety, designed to address all management levels within the company, it’s a unique experience in the area of courses dealing with workplace health and safety, as it leaves behind the traditional references to procedure and rules and concentrates on the personal inner being and on the human values which are universally shared.

The focal point of the workshop is the film “The Safer, the Better”, winner of several prizes at international level: engaging, touching but, at the same time, cruel and harsh, it tells the dramatic story of a workplace accident, carefully reconstructing its root causes while making the audience reflect on the measures that could have been adopted to prevent the accident.

The film is a particularly efficient didactic instrument: easily adaptable to the reality of the company in question, it favours feelings of empathy and offers a starting point for behavioural and value analyses that guide our actions, reflecting at the same time on their consequences.

Based on the film, a series of practical and interactive activities have been developed – role-play, case history, individual or group exercises – that help participants develop a personal plan to become a Safety Leader and have them acquire valid, but simple techniques, in order to guide other people’s behaviours towards a correct safety culture. The workshop does not only engage the participants emotionally, but it also provides practical instruments do develop safety leadership competencies in order to be spread throughout the company.

The LHS Foundation can develop ad hoc proposals for specific company requirements, characterized by an interactive approach which lead to the creation of the safety leader within the company.