logo_sharingloveObjective: to motivate people and encourage them to always think first and foremost to protect their health and safety and the safety of those living and working with them. In order to meet this challenge, it is necessary to use unconventional means of communication, to innovate the language, understand how to bring a breath of fresh air in an area that, historically, bases its communication on procedural and rational elements. A key factor of the change is to create involvement and unification, bring people together through passion for health and safety, and create a shared value in the company. So health and safety at work were the focus of the campaign “Sharing Love for Health & Safety,” part of the creative campaign plan that Saipem has had since 2012, allowing people to manifest their commitment through various forms of expression (theatre, painting, photography) and with the support of multimedia. Every year, on April 28, World Day for Health and Safety at Work, a creative contest that involves the construction of a flash mob, a safe-selfies, a video, etc., was launched. … inspired by life and safety. The increasingly viral participation of Saipem people to these initiatives is the demonstration of a cultural change and the success of this campaign is the evidence of how a workforce that has no cultural or geographical boundaries can feel united by a passion for life, health, welfare and safety. The “Sharing Love for Health & Safety” campaign is a successful example of how to orient the interest and passion of the people towards issues generally perceived as monotonous and cumbersome, through the choice of instruments and informal, innovative and engaging language.