Fondazione LHS brings online the Leadership in Health and Safety methodology developed by Saipem and famous all over the world in the industry.

The experience of thousands of workshops around the world is now available online

Through an interactive platform we will be able to go live together with the members of your team, to share the same involvement and engagement. There will be opportunities to discuss and ask questions on the content, to develop relational dynamics and emotions and reflects on the drivers that guide people and their decisions.

The methodology is available on three independent and combinable moments.

All activities are provided in Italian, English and Spanish.


A two hours webinar with high emotional involvement full of interactions, stories and sharing. In these days we live a new era; we will discover how, even more today, the Leadership in Health and Safety is a fundamental value to guide our people in the direction of a more conscious individual social responsibility.

What's the target

The target of the workshop is to align the team on leadership in health and safety, a fundamental element in this new historical period.

How long is it?

The duration varies according to the group type and the number of participants. At least a 2 hours window is recommended.

Who is it for?

A project team, an entire department or the whole company management are ideal candidates.

Delivered by:

Davide Scotti, LHS Foundation gen. secretary

Leadership in Health and Safety Workshop Online

The famous LiHS workshop in three events of two hours each, finally also ONLINE to activate the cultural change process at an organisational level through a TOP DOWN process. The most effective change management methodology for health and safety leaders.

What's the target?

The aim of the workshop is to implement the Leadership in Health and Safety methodology. A complete program of organisational change management.

How long is it?

Three sessions of two and a half hours each.
Participation in all three webinars is required.

Who is it for?

All company management starting from top management.

Delivered by:

Davide Scotti, LHS Foundation ge. secretary
Michele Dabergami
Darren Matkin
Neil Stockham

Champions Forum

A webinar that has both formal and informal leaders of the organisation as its natural audience. An opportunity to engage people who influence virtuous behaviours that accelerate cultural change.

What's the target?

To complete the LiHS strategy, or as a stand-alone session, a specific moment for the “Bottom-Up” implementation of the change process to spread the safety culture

How long is it?

Two consecutive one and a half hour sessions separated by a quick break

Who is it for?

Officers, supervisors and informal leaders of the organisation.

Delivered by:

Davide Scotti, LHS Foundation gen. secretary

Would you like to know more?

Activities are free of charge through the LHS Foundation for schools and for non-profit events that request it.
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I didn’t think a “virtual” corporate meeting could be so involving, I found the idea of ​​creating rooms for 2 people at the beginning of the conference to, how to say, break the ice and how it happened to me personally, find myself talking to Francesco on which experience I have never had in life and I would have liked to. I have been in the company for 25 years but it does not often happen to find myself talking to a colleague about personal things, so thanks for the experience.

I think the intervention of the Director of the LHS Foundation was very interesting, I was struck by that passage he told of the hand on his shoulder by the Firefighter who changed him inside and led him to be what he is … the passion in what he does was transmitted and it has come to me all, I found his intervention very interesting.

Now I wanted to spend two words on the concept of involving our people. Back to the example of the hand on the shoulder, sometimes we forget to do it too with our collaborators and our managers, sometimes a synthetic, heartfelt and sincere “thank you” can give you much more than infinite and empty words.


I very much appreciated the high level of interaction from the first moments of the session that made it interesting by leveraging curiosity and human relationships (even if at a distance).

Never boring or obvious, all the videos and in particular Davide’s story, much humanity, much appreciated.

In short, if it has been said that: “there is no change without involvement” I can certainly say that the involvement was total.

In short, I would say a blockbuster, Bravi!


It was a very useful, engaging and stimulating experience. And in a very very particular moment for all of us, it was also exciting to be able to hear and review (even if on video) several colleagues after many days, to feel we’re a “team”.

I bring home the awareness that, as we have unfortunately had the opportunity to prove, one must never feel immune from visible and usual risks. You can and must learn from every situation in order to have, in the future and on other occasions similar to the one we are experiencing, the necessary awareness and the appropriate approach to manage threats. That leadership is important above all if it sets an example, if you “believe” in what you do or ask your team to do. No “cost” is more important or more sustainable than the human (or environmental) value that a group, company or community has at its disposal and with which (or in which) it must face the challenges of everyday life .

Really an initiative that I hope will have a following.


It was certainly engaging to talk to people even if for a few minutes and to have the opportunity to exchange ideas and share personal experiences with them.

It was a different to see us again in this way and discuss some important messages about what safety is and its importance even to people who are not directly involved in operations.

The videos (one of which I had already seen as I have been following the Italia Loves Sicurezza movement for some time now), were exciting and made me think.

The leadership message could not be expressed in a better way: no one wins alone but it is important and necessary to team up to get the result, to share to improve everyone, yourself and others.


It was an interesting, formative and very dynamic experience.

The use of videos and the first-person experience told with pathos are in my opinion strong communication systems that leave a strong imprinting on our consciences.

Thanks for everything


First of all, thank you for the experience, which gave me the opportunity to relate to the safety issue with colleagues who I thought were “distant” from safety.

From the enthusiasm of the participants in the various rooms, I perceived that safety is a topic that is transversal in all business sectors.

Once the Covid emergency is over, I hope to meet you at the company to continue to deepen your knowledge and keep your attention high on the topics covered.


I feel even more part of a strong and cohesive team trying to maintain effective communication even in the most difficult moments.

Motivation and enthusiasm have always been part of our DNA but today more than ever we must know how to pass it. Empathy is fundamental.

This is a really tough time where a mix of insecurity and uncertainty generated by an invisible enemy is putting us to the test.

What do I bring home? … 2 concepts have strengthened in me:

The awareness that this is a moment of big change but also the belief that for the umpteenth time we will make change an opportunity.

I think the methodology used has been very valid, so much that, who’s like me loves the face to face, today has not missed it.


It was a very pleasant, alternative and engaging experience.

I feel like saying this, “borrowing” a concept expressed in the privacy legislation: experience has contributed to strengthening the awareness that safety must be considered today “by design” and “by default” in the structuring and reorganisation of business processes, in all possible directions. Thanks for having done it your way.


The topic of safety is so important and central in our life, not just at work, that talking about it is never enough.

Then in this period it is even more so given the situation with which we have to live.

Surely you have been able to create a context of interaction with web tools and despite the physical distance, you have maintained a good level of attention and interaction from the whole team.

The lesson I bring home is that we definitely have to work to create a “culture of safety” in all contexts of our life, work, family, society… Because safety means first of all respect for life, people, the environment and ultimately giving the right value to all human activities.

This result is obtained only by making everyone understand that safety is a value (as well as a right) for which we must always talk about it, finding effective communication means.

In this perspective, the leader takes on a central role not only as a vehicle of messages, but above all as a model and example of concrete application of virtuous behaviour to be followed.

To strive each of us must become a “leader in safety”


The session was a good sharing opportunity from which interesting ideas for reflection emerged on an absolutely current topic; personal reflection that continued even after the end of the session and will continue in the coming days / months, given the importance and uniqueness of the moment we are experiencing, which will lead us (and it must be so) to change our behaviours in multiple areas, at work or not.


First of all, thank you for inviting me to the meeting and congratulations for the organisation, I know that managing a group of 40 people online is not easy.

Congratulations also to Davide Scotti, exceptional speaker, because he managed to keep the attention high, which is very difficult when you are not physically present

What did I manage to bring home?

“The belief that you do very little by yourself, even if sometimes even little can be enough to avoid the worst. So never give up and try to carry on your ideals “


First of all I would like to thank you all for the wonderful morning spent together. I understood, along the way, the work you must have done to organise it in a way that you yourself have explored and implemented, I imagine, in the last few weeks. And, let me tell you, with great success considering the format you have set up.

You are the factual demonstration that from a crisis, incredible opportunities can arise, having the skills and talent.

Certainly the platform, which thanks to you I discovered, enables “n” possibilities, but your ability to use it, to let us interact with each other, the questions you asked in the rooms, more personal than professional, are the distinctive element of your format. Well done. I was happy to interact and compare myself with colleagues I know well (I have been here for 13 years), but with whom (not all of them at least) I can no longer interact daily.

What will I bring with me?

I appreciated your ability, and that of Scotti, to interact immediately with the participants by triggering a sparkle in the initial story of the accident: that hand of the fireman put on Scotti’s shoulder, will remain for a long time a strong evocative image that will make us reflect.


I would say a wonderful experience, I knew Davide as a great communicator of a cultural change and with the LHS Foundation activities and the Italia Loves Sicurezza movement, we too of the EHS group in our small way are trying to transfer to all our people that sense of responsibility that comes from the heart.

In his speech, full of content, he gave us a careful and punctual vision of a modern and fundamental leadership in these complicated periods, many of his words will remain useful for many of us.

I bring home an awareness, now more than ever, we have the opportunity to build an “after” that is better than the “before”, certainly made by a high sensitivity-responsibility and a strong determination.