Increasing from childhood the awareness regarding the environmental risks will result in planting seeds that will grow into a correct safety culture.

To this purpose, in partnership with MUBA, a non-profit organization, engaged for several years in the development and spread of informal education, The LHS Foundation organizes in the primary schools “Piccoli Leader in Safety – Sicuro, mi diverto”, a programme designed to make the children sensitive to the concepts of health and safety.

Professional entertainers create an educational programme where children do not act as passive observers who need to learn some rules, but, they are directly involved in a journey in the health and safety world, following a creative and fun approach, based on experimental labs, role play, practical exercises and drawings.

During the various activities, children analyse their living context – home, school, sports activities and recreational areas – identifying  the possible objective risks in order to define the safe strategies to deal with dangerous and harmful situations for one’s health. A particular importance is, however, attributed to the sharing of thoughts and personal experiences, useful for learning the value of safety through the perceptive and emotional dimension.

Today’s sensitive and conscious children will become tomorrow’s Safety Leaders: people who, through their own behavioural example will be able to influence their family, colleagues and friends to adopt a healthy and safe attitude.

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