The starting point in the creation of this work was the terrible accident suffered by a young worker friend of ours: It was a warm autumn day. It was Tuesday and I was already thinking about what I would do on Sunday. That Sunday never came and will never come again. Now you stop and tell me: are you happy? No, not in five years’ time, not in ten. Now, – tell me, are happy now? This is where Giammarco  M.’s story starts,  that one night in November 2006 –when, at just 37 years old – he was crushed under a 600 kg. gate who broke his back and left him forever unable to walk. The story of Giammarco is the story of so many (too many) others. It is the story of someone who has had to re-learn everything, review everything, discover everything. It is the story of a personal struggle that can also become a common struggle, because we are talking about this tremendous problem, of these tragedies that affect the everyday work life, as a sort of underground war that no one wants to see or hear.

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